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Brown and Rutherford is a manufacturer based in Winnipeg Canada.  We actively purchase our lumber from reputable suppliers who use and support Forest Management Practices as well as promote Sustainable Forestry Programs.  It is important for us to use vendors that support conservation and protection of our natural resources.

Species that we primarily manufacture are Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, Eastern Red Pine, Lodgepole pine in both knotty and clear. We are also a major supplier of Western Red cedar and Coastal Douglas Fir Timbers.  We manufacture all types of products and are capable of pre-staining any of our products for interior or exterior use.

Brown & Rutherford has been manufacturing wood sidings for over 145 years. We regularly receive requests from home renovators to match wood siding that their grandparents had bought from Brown & Rutherford 60 to 70 years ago.  If you need a profile matched, a standard profile or you want something unique, we have the capabilities to do it.

Cedar, Pine, and Fir are the most popular species for siding. Simply provide us with your square footage to cover and we can instantly calculate your job lot requirements. Most sidings are available immediately from our finished product inventory.


Our dominant product lines are as follows:


Canadian Cedar Wood Siding

Western Red Cedar has a natural warmth and beauty that is unrivaled by any other softwood. Selected for its distinctive grain and color, cedar siding is a favorite choice of homeowners for exterior or interior paneling. Builders enjoy the dimensional stability and resistance to cup and twist that is common to other woods. Western Red Cedar is also lightweight, is easy to saw, glue, accept nails and other fasteners, and offers exceptional thermal insulation value.

Families enjoy the peace of mind when using cedar for decks, fences, gazebos and furniture as it's natural composition resists moisture, decay and insects. Cedar remains a safe and natural choice as it does not require toxic chemicals to preserve its life. As a renewable resource, it is environmentally friendly and "greener" than many vinyl, plastic or composite alternatives.

Canadian Cedar SidingCedar can be painted, stained or allowed to age naturally and it's characteristic fragrance adds another dimension to it's universal appeal.

Log Wood Siding and Outdoor Wood Siding

Log Wood Siding is one of our most popular canadian siding products. For that rustic, timeless, appearance look, log siding will add lasting value to your home, cottage or business, ideally suited for both interior and exterior application. Properly stained,log siding will endure for many years.

Brown & Rutherford has log wood siding readily available in 2x6 and 2x8 reveal patterns plus our 2x8 log to log patterns with no reveal. We carry inventory in all these products in both pine log siding and western red cedar log siding.

Douglas Fir Timber

Brown & Rutherford stocks from 4x4 to 12x14 in Rough Douglas Fir Timbers.  If we do not have the size required, we can re saw it for you. If you require a S4S timber, we can provide this up to a 12x12.

Douglas Fir is renowned for its durability, strength, and structural integrity. It is also very resistant to decay and rot. We supply Douglas Fir Timbers for bridge beams and supports. Many of our timbers are being used to help construct the expanded Winnipeg floodway, due for completion in 2010. Also, fir is used extensively for truck decking.

Fir beams provide the strong support required for commercial storage sheds. Support poles are used for open sheds storing products that require weather protection.

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