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Caring for Cedar & Pine

How to take care of  Cedar Siding You may wonder how to take care of cedar siding. Exposed to the elements, natural cedar will weather to a warm silver grey colour. You may have experienced this or appreciated someone's fence or siding. Should you wish to finish your exterior cedar or pine product, a quality primer and top coat are recommended for long term weather resistance.

We suggest that stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized nails or fasteners be used, as non-galvanized or unfinished nails will rust and blemish the face of the siding. Seeking the advice of a licensed professional for correct assembly and installation methods is always recommended.

Cleaning your cedar or pine siding annually will keep it looking new and lasting for many years to come. Doing so continually will make it last your entire life.


Western Red Cedar is by nature "Green" environmentally.