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Factory Applied Coating

Log Wood Siding with factory applied coatingBrown & Rutherford is an authorized machine coat applicator. As such, we have proven ourselves to be able to offer our customers the service of applying coatings to their wood sidings.

We recognize that the customer has made an investment in cedar and pine wood siding for their cottage or home. We can also help to keep this siding looking and performing well for years to come by applying a finish to the wood.

As a machine coat applicator, we can apply virtually any type of finish to the siding in a controlled environment. Another benefit of a machine coat is that the stain is constantly being mixed so that pigments are not setting at the bottom of the can. A uniform amount of stain is applied at a consistent rate over the face, back, edges and ends of each and every piece of siding. By applyng the stain "6 mil wet", we eliminate colour variation, lap marks, streaking, and splatter. By having us do the staining we also eliminate your messy clean-ups.

Having Brown & Rutherford apply a primer coat and a top coat of stain to your wood sidings allows you peace of mind knowing that your investment of wood siding is totally protected from exposure to water and sunlight.

We are proud to offer a beautiful, durable and finished product that is ready to install the moment it reaches the final destination.

Work with us and discover the difference.