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In the absence of an ideal machine coat staining, which will offer the ultimate in stain penetration and protection, wood siding can be stained and sealed directly at the jobsite. Should you decide to do this, a few recommendations will help to ensure maximum protection of your wood siding.
Firstly, choose a top quality stain product with a comprehensive warranty. Secondly, always educate yourself as to the manufacturers recommended “How To Apply Stain” instructions.
Stain is available in transparent, semi- transparent or solid color. Transparent stain allows the character and features of your wood siding to show through. Solid color stain will mask some of the character, but will allow the texture (smooth/resawn) to show. In order to fully protect your wood siding, application of the stain must be equally applied on all 4 sides and both ends of each board, for a uniform coating. Ideal conditions will produce ideal results.
Temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees C or 50 to 60 F. With low humidity and indirect sunlight, and little to no wind, will produce excellent results. The cooler temperature will allow the stain to dry slowly, penetrating the wood. Allow wood to thoroughly air dry by placing on sawhorse or trestle, placing sticks between layers which will let each board dry on all 4 sides.
Second coat application should commence only when the first coat has dried fully. Be aware some manufacturers insist on “wet on wet” second coat application. Follow recommended first coat procedures for second coat and possibly third coat for maximum coverage. Keep in mind that any cuts to wood siding while installing will require re-application of stain to the cut portion. Following these procedures will provide many years of maintenance free enjoyment of your wood siding.