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Seasoning and Climatizing Your Wood Siding

Seasoning and climatizing Log Wood SidingFreshly sawn cedar and pine lumber is wet, as the tree requires moisture to grow. We want to stabilize the wood by drying it before we run it to a finished product, and as the wood dries it will release moisture. The result of this is the wood will shrink in thickness and width.

At Brown & Rutherford, we prefer to allow our cedar and pine to dry naturally, by sticking it uniformly and allowing it to sit exposed to the open air. This process may take longer than drying the wood in a kiln, but the end result is far superior.

As wood is a natural product, it will continue to swell and shrink as it adjusts to the local temperature and humidity levels. This adjustment process is called "climatizing". It is important to allow your cedar and pine products to climatize to the environment prior to installation. We recommend that the wood be allowed to sit for 14-21 days so that it has time to adjust.

Your cedar and pine siding is now ready for installation.

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