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Exterior Cedar Siding - How do we make the best boards you can get?

Canadian Cedar SidingThe secret is in our unique process. We do a number of things that our competitors do not do, which enables us to produce the best wood products possible. Here is a brief summary of our production process:

  • Receive cedar in the green rough cut state at our plant in Winnipeg. We start with the highest quality in clear and select tight knot (STK) products.
  • Every board is inspected and sorted by our trained employees.
  • Air dry the wood as opposed to using a kiln. This is key to our quality. It takes longer to air dry the wood but it produces a much better product. A kiln is an unnatural process of "baking" wood at high temperatures and it does not fully dry to the core of the wood.
  • Once we get to the desired moisture content, the wood is processed through our state-of-the-art Weinig and Leadermac high speed planers. These machines profile the wood and are set at a speed to minimize defects and maximize quality. Our quality control department inspects all boards as they are produced.
  • Our machine tailers then sort the boards according to quality. Those with defects are directed to our trim stations where the defect (wane, blown knots, chatter, etc.) is removed.
  • All finished goods are then taken to our packaging area where they are tallied, wrapped, strapped, shrink-wrapped and bagged for protection against the elements and ready for shipping.
  • The end result is: THE BEST BOARD YOU CAN BUY.

Our products are marketed through out the continental US and Canada.