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Exterior Douglas Fir Siding - How do we make the best boards you can buy?

Exterior Pine Siding, Outdoor Wood Siding

The secret is in our unique process. We do a number of things that our competitors do not do, which enables us to produce the best wood products possible. 

  • We start by partnering ourselves with mills that are committed to cut the finest timber. These mills are well established and know how to harvest the trees for the best yield and dry the wood in a kiln evenly and uniformly to our specifications.
  • When we receive our rough kiln-dried lumber here at our facility, every piece is inspected by our graders and sorted for its intended use.
  • We then process the wood to the desired profile through our state-of-the-art Weinig and Leadermac high speed planers. Our experienced millwrights set and adjust our equipment to produce finished goods of exceptional quality. Our quality control people handle and inspect each piece of finished goods as the material is run.
  • Stock is then sorted for grade. Materials with defects are directed to trim stations where the defects are removed. This process allows another visual inspection of our finished goods.
  • All finished goods are then taken to our packaging area where they are tallied, 5 side paper wrapped, strapped, shrink-wrapped and bagged for protection against the elements and ready for shipping.
  • The end result is: THE BEST BOARD YOU CAN BUY.                 

Work with us and discover the difference.