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National Lumber Grades Authority Pattern: 26 (8A)

Species of wood available:
Western Red Cedar Eastern White Pine Red Pine

Grades of wood available: Clear and 100% STK Knotty

Sizes of wood available:
1x6", 1x8", lx10" 1x12".
5/4" Rabbetted available.
1x10" "Haida Wavey Edge" tm (resawn face, 11/16" K.D.)
all 3/4" butt 1/4" tip
5/8" butt 1/4" tip available

Smooth Face on 1 side Resawn Face on opposite side:
Either side can be Graded Face.
Dry (19% or less Moisture Content) 100% Defect Trimmed
Random Lengths-Odd and Even: 3-20' or longer.
Suggested applications: as exterior or interior wall siding
(paneling), gable siding, fencing, deck skirting,
building skirting(eg: post and pad space).
Residential, commercial, institutional uses.