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Western Wood Products Assn. Pattern: 
S2S&CM 3/8 T&G 

 Species of wood available: 

Western Red Cedar Eastern White Pine Red Pine Lodgepole Pine
Hemlock/Fir Douglas Fir
Grades of wood available: 
Clear and 100% STK Knotty                      
Sizes of wood available: 
1x4" 1x6" 2x6" 2x8”
 5/8", 11/16", 1 3/8" thickness available.
 Dry (19% or less Moisture Content) 100% Defect Trimmed
 Random Lengths- Odd and Even: 3-16' or longer.
 Available in Good 1 Face or Good 2 Face (eg: loft floor applications, exposed above and below).
 Smooth Face/ SmoothBack5/8" 
Smooth Face/ ResawnBack11/16"
Suggested applications: 1X4"and 1x6" can be used as wall and ceiling paneling as well as flooring.2x6" and 2x8” can be used as decking or flooring.Sand and finish when used as flooring.

Residential, commercial, institutional uses.