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Bevel siding adds warmth and prestige to almost any structure. At Brown and Rutherford our bevel siding is manufactured with a ¾” butt and ¼” tip for durability. Some other manufacturers produce a thinner product with a “feather tip”, which is not as durable during installation or over time. We feel that by producing the stock thicker, it makes for a superior product. Installed horizontally, with a 25mm (1”) overlap, bevel siding creates a distinctive appearance, and an impressive shadow line which no other siding can match.
Our knotty Cedar bevel siding is a reversible product. Using the smooth milled face will yield a clean, rich look For a more rustic appearance, the reverse side, which is a resawn face, can be exposed, allowing for a rougher texture. Our knotty bevel siding will adapt well to any architectural style, from the opulence of modern expressionism, to heritage or period, or casual rustic.

Bevel siding can be stained with a transparent, semi-transparent or solid color quality stain. Cedar siding, if left unstained, will age gracefully to a silver grey color giving it a unique appearance unmatched by any man made products.

Cedar siding is naturally decay resistant, which enhances the lifespan of the product. Cedar is also a renewable resource, harvested and replanted for environmental sustainability.

Brown and Rutherford has inventory readily available on Select Tight Knot ( STK) Cedar Bevel Siding in 3/4x6”, 3/4x8”, and 3/4x10”, all of which come in random lengths up to 20’ long. We also carry Haida Wavey edge bevel siding in 11/16x10”, in stock, and again is available in random lengths up to 20’ long. For the very discerning consumer, we also market premium Clear Cedar in the same sizes and have stock available for immediate shipment.

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