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Why Cedar for Siding

Canadian Cedar SidingWestern Red Cedar has a natural warmth and beauty that is unrivaled by any other softwood. Selected for its distinctive grain and color, cedar is a favorite choice of homeowners for exterior or interior paneling. Builders enjoy the dimensional stability and resistance to cup and twist that is common to other woods. Western Red Cedar is also lightweight, is easy to saw, glue, accept nails and other fasteners, and offers exceptional thermal insulation value.

Families enjoy the peace of mind when using cedar for decks, fences, gazebos and furniture as it's natural composition resists moisture, decay and insects. Cedar remains a safe and natural choice as it does not require toxic chemicals to preserve its life. As a renewable resource, it is environmentally friendly and "greener" than many vinyl, plastic or composite alternatives.

Canadian Cedar SidingCedar can be painted, stained or allowed to age naturally and it's characteristic fragrance adds another dimension to it's universal appeal.


Western Red Cedar is by nature "Green" environmentally.

Wood... Nurtured by sun, Harvested by people who care.