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Wood Siding or Vinyl Siding?

You may wonder about the difference between Wood Siding and Vinyl Siding.



 Wood is a renewable “GREEN” product.
• Vinyl is a petroleum based product and therefore has a negative environmental impact.
• Wood adds “R-value”…increasing the efficiency of your structure.
• Most vinyl adds no “R-value”.
• Wood…when properly coated and sealed…all 4 sides…2 coats = very low, to no   
   maintenance, and adds to life span of product.
• Vinyl has no process which can be done to add life span to the product.
• Wood will add value to your structure with appearance “WOW” factor.
• Vinyl is not generally considered to be “AWE” inspiring.
• Wood evokes pride of ownership with its character, warmth, and charm.
• Not many owners praise their purchase of vinyl, but rather try to justify it.
• Wood can be refinished to its original condition, matching appearance easily, or    
   changing color for a new look.
• Vinyl is very difficult to match due to unequal fading, discontinued colors,   
   discontinued styles, and is difficult to change colors.
• Wood can be easily milled for a custom application and/ or appearance e.g. profile or
• Vinyl is limited in profile and style.
• Wood can be applied to new structures as well as remodel projects and Heritage
• Vinyl may not give the desired appearance in these applications.
• Wood can be applied interior and exterior to achieve cohesive design element.
• Vinyl is exterior only……..
• Wood is easy to work with, regardless of temperature.
• Vinyl can be difficult to work with, cold temperatures cause it to become brittle and if  
   not fastened properly, product will buckle leaving a wavy appearance.
• Wood, whether smooth or resawn texture, has a distinctive look.
• Vinyl manufacturers can only try to duplicate the look and texture of wood…
Wouldn’t you just rather have the real thing?